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Media Release: St John NT paramedics recognised in The King’s Birthday Honours List.
  12 Jun 2023

St John NT CEO Andrew Tombs is pleased to advise that two Intensive Care Paramedics, Mark Ferguson and Warren Purse, have been acknowledged in The King’s Birthday Honour List 2023 with Ambulance Service Medals.

“Both Mark and Warren (Wazza) have led exemplary careers with St John NT, providing valuable leadership in both our ambulance service and as volunteers to the Order of St John,” said Mr Tombs.

The Ambulance Service Medal recognises members of the ambulance service who have provided distinguished service, in recent years the medal has also included members of the service who have contributed to the nation’s response to COVID-19.

“These awards are a significant honour to both individuals and our service in recognising our commitment to the community and our patients. As CEO, it is an honour to work with Mark and Warren and trust that they will be seen as an inspiration to the many new recruits in the ambulance service.”


Mr Mark Ferguson has been a frontline paramedic with St John NT for over 21 years, having joined the service as a professional paramedic after a career in the retail industry, and as a volunteer for St John NT in Katherine, Northern Territory.

Over the past three years, Mark has worked tirelessly providing high level advanced care to the community. He has been able to utilise his high clinical expertise and experience as an ECP to provide extended pathways to Territorians during a challenging period, particularly in healthcare.

During St John NT's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mark provided valuable leadership in the development of the Ambulance Assist' program to provide increased capacity during times of unprecedented demand.  Mark has also devoted a large portion of his life to the Order of St John, his compassion and dedication is an influencing factor in the development of cadets into the organisation and will do for generations to come.

Mr Warren PURSE

Mr Warren Purse has been a frontline paramedic with St John NT for over 19 years, having joined the service in 2003 as a paramedic following a career as a medic in the Army.  He gained his Intensive Care Paramedic qualification in 2005.

Over the past three years, Warren has maintained and excelled in the provision of frontline care to the community of the Northern Territory during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. His clinical leadership and support to the operational crews through this difficult time has been extraordinary.

Warren has also been instrumental in building capacity within the volunteer workforce by providing driver training. He also supports a number of major public events across the Northern Territory, such as the Finke Desert Race, V8 Supercars, and Bass in the Grass. He is a strong advocate for road safety, assisting with the education of school students, community and public messaging, sharing his own experiences as a paramedic.

Image: Intensive Care Paramedic Mark Ferguson ASM, CStJ

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