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As the Northern Territory’s leading provider in emergency medical response and preparedness, St John NT provides critical support in the planning and implementation of events across the Territory. No matter the size, we are able to assess the situation, and determine the most appropriate level of clinical coverage.

St John NT Event Health Services will provide a tailored medical plan for your event based on our experience of working and living in the Territory.

We draw on our extensive team of medical professionals including first responders, paramedics, nurses and doctors to ensure that the safety of your participants are in the best hands possible.

“St John NT plays an integral role in helping Northern Territory Major Events Company safely deliver our major events, which attract thousands of people to a variety of locations every year. St John NT supports our varied medical needs across our diverse portfolio, and the professionalism and skill the whole team provides form the foundation of a much-valued relationship.”


Please note we require a minimum 6 weeks’ notice for coverage consideration.

Each event is assessed in accordance with the level of its potential risk. We will provide a quote for our service in advance, the quote must be approved before we confirm the booking.

Event Health Services booking applications can be made via our website or by contacting the Event Health Service Coordinators by email or phone.

Community Resilience Package

The St John NT Community Resilience Package has been developed to assist community groups and sporting clubs who organise low risk events and community activities to be prepared in the instance of an emergency medical situation.

The package includes the following complimentary items:

  • 1 risk assessment of the event and presentation to organising committee on how to be prepared
  • 2 Provide First Aid fully accredited training courses
  • 10% off any additional courses
  • 1 First Aid kit

Selection Criteria

The Community Resilience Package caters to events that fall into the lowest risk category, however St John NT encourages all Territory organisations to ensure their members have the first aid skills and knowledge for what to do in an emergency situation.

Low risk events include 3 or more of the following criteria:

  • No history of prior emergency incidents
  • Maximum of 50 participants or less
  • Maximum of 2,500 spectators or less
  • Attendee culture/atmosphere is corporate/calm
  • Zero alcohol availability
  • Zero potential of illicit drug use
  • Event is held on a weekday
  • Event location <10km from hospital

The Community Resilience Package is the first step for all Territorians to ensure their events are as safe as possible.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF with a full description of our Event Health Services

CLICK HERE to download the Event Health Services and Community Resilience Package application form.

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