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St John NT Paramedics Broaden Skills with ICP Training
  12 Oct 2023

St John NT is proud to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of four of our paramedics who have embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their skills and expertise. These paramedics are currently undertaking the rigorous Intensive Care Paramedic (ICP) training, equipping themselves to perform advanced medical procedures that surpass the general scope of practice of most paramedics.

This 12-month program will see these staff working with qualified ICP staff for the next 6 months before working under indirect supervision with restricted skills as they continue their learning.

Those undertaking the current ICP course are undertaking a controlled scenario at Lee Point which will put their skills to the test in a high-pressure emergency situation. This is just one of the training scenarios to consolidate the learning provided in the initial 3-week intensive course.

St John NT, the leading provider of emergency medical services in the Northern Territory, recognises the critical need for highly skilled emergency medical professionals. Intensive Care Paramedics are instrumental in delivering advanced life-saving interventions, making them an invaluable asset in emergency medical care.

“By investing in the upskilling of our paramedics to become ICPs, St John NT aims to bolster the region's emergency medical response capabilities,” said Director Ambulance Services Andrew Thomas.

“The addition of more ICPs to our team will ensure that the people of the Northern Territory have access to the highest standard of pre-hospital care during critical moments.

The ability to provide this training in the NT improves patient care and clinical outcomes for those critically ill patients, as well as career progression for staff which supports professional development and retention of our experienced paramedics who wish to expand their clinical skills and knowledge to the ICP level.

“We congratulate these paramedics for their determination to expand their skills and take on the challenges associated with Intensive Care Paramedic training. St John NT remains committed to supporting their professional growth and ensuring they have access to the necessary resources and training,” he said.

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