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St John NT Empowers Paramedics with Personal Safety Training
  31 Aug 2023

St John NT is proud to provide Personal Safety Training for its new intake of intern paramedics, patient transport officers, and qualified paramedics as a vital component of their comprehensive 4-week induction program. This training initiative reflects our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our dedicated paramedics while they serve our community.

In collaboration with Guardian Personal Safety Training, St John NT has taken part in a comprehensive training program aimed at equipping our frontline medical professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure their personal safety in potentially challenging situations. The safety of our paramedics and patient transport officers is our top priority and as of the year to date, there have been a total of 47 reported paramedic assaults in the Northern Territory.

Personal Safety Training has been provided to our new recruit staff for the past 5 years, with a program also in place to catch up those longer-term staff, which to date, has seen nearly all paramedics and PTO’s employed be involved in safety training.

"At St John NT, the safety of our paramedics is our topmost priority.” James Stewart Regional Manager – Northern said. “Personal Safety training equips our dedicated paramedics with the skills and knowledge they need to confidently navigate challenging situations. The training space at our newly opened St John training facility serves as a vital resource in honing these skills, ensuring that our team is well-prepared to provide exceptional care to the community while prioritizing their own safety."

The Personal Safety Training program covers a wide range of essential skills, including de-escalation techniques, situational awareness, self-defence, and effective communication strategies. By empowering our paramedics with these skills, St John NT aims to create an environment where our dedicated professionals can deliver life-saving care without compromising their own safety.

St John NT remains deeply committed to the well-being of its paramedic workforce and is dedicated to ensuring that every member of our team feels secure and supported while carrying out their crucial responsibilities. By investing in the Personal Safety Training program, St John NT reaffirms its dedication to both its paramedics and the communities it serves.

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