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FIRST AID: Are you prepared this cyclone season?
  18 Nov 2022

As Territorians prepare for severe weather events, and in the Top End cyclones, St John NT reminds the community of one vital part of the preparation that is often forgotten.

While making sure your first aid kit is up to date is an important step when preparing you home and family for cyclone season, it is equally as important that people are properly trained in how to use their first aid supplies and know how to respond to emergency situations.

How we respond can mean the difference between life and death, knowing your DRSABCD, having a predetermined plan, the right equipment, any essential medicines and first aid skills will ensure you are prepared for when a cyclone affects the area.

As a first responder it is vital that you do not become a patient too. In severe weather conditions look and listen for signs of danger.

Examples of danger and an immediate threat during and directly after a cyclone might include fallen branches and trees, electrical wires or fallen power lines, toxic fumes and wet or slippery surfaces. As soon as it is determined that the situation is safe, check to see if the patient is conscious by checking for a response.

Often it is a family member, even children, who will be the first on scene in an emergency situation and providing them with the confidence and skills to know what to do could save a life.

And as for the cyclone kit? We recommend that you include a first aid kit with pain relief, bandages, medication and prescriptions in waterproof containers, as well as drinking water, a radio, torch, a pair of sturdy shoes and a charged battery pack for a mobile phone.

Don’t forget you need plenty of water, it is important to remain hydrated, to keep in contact with the news so you know what is happening and have the means to contact emergency services if you need to.

Download the Emergency Plus app on you phone to make sure you have ready access to contact emergency services if needed. The app will show your exact location which will help emergency services to get to you faster.

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