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EMPLOYEES: Craig Garraway promoted to Knight of the Order of St John
  26 May 2022

Highly respected and long serving member of St John NT, Craig Garraway, was promoted to a Knight of Grace of the Order of St John at an Investiture Ceremony on Wednesday night.

Craig has served St John NT as both a volunteer and a paid staff member for more than 30 years.

St John NT Chief Executive Officer, Judith Barker commended Craig on the honour saying that it recognised the dedication and commitment Craig had made to the organisation.

“Craig is passionate about St John NT, its mission and ensuring that our patients and the community are at the centre of everything that we do. He has led or contributed to a number of key projects and initiatives and in recent years has been instrumental in our response to COVID-19,” Ms Barker said.

Craig’s most recent appointment is as the Manager of St John NT’s Emergency Communication Centre which is responsible for almost 60,000 Triple Zero (000) calls per year. He also serves as the Deputy Commissioner for the Volunteers and is publicly recognised as the voice of St John NT on daily media reports on the emergency medical service.

The Investiture Ceremony is an annual event whereby individuals are invited to join or be promoted within the Order of St John, a royal order of chivalry under the Crown. A membership to the Order of St John is a recognised honour under the Australian Honours System and presents itself as an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to the extraordinary members of the St John NT community.

The event is officiated by Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory, representative of the Crown in right of the Northern Territory .

The following staff and volunteers were also promoted or admitted into the Order:

  • Donna Peters OStJ
  • Christopher Trotter OStJ
  • Rory O’Conner MStJ
  • Nicole Johnston MStJ
  • Robert Kendrick MStJ
  • Terri-Ann Maney MStJ
  • Ali Malik MStJ
  • Natasha Schuman MStJ

The following volunteers also received Volunteer Service Medals and Bars:

  • 3rd Gilt Bar (40 years) - Dawn Bat CStJ
  • 1st Gilt Bar (30 years) - Rodney Hocking MStJ, Peter Quinn
  • 2nd Bar (20 years) - Brian Ch’ng OStJ, Stephen Rudder MStJ
  • 1st Bar (15 years) - Brett Butler MStJ, Rhys Dowell ASM MStJ, Barbara Klessa MStJ
  • Service Medal (10 years) - Melissa Crompton MStJ

The Investiture Ceremony was held at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens on 25 May 2022.

Thank you to everyone who was recognised for your ongoing support to our organisation.

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