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A New Journey Begins for 18 Fresh Faces
  20 Jul 2023

A New Journey Begins for 18 Fresh Faces.

St John Northern Territory proudly announces the successful completion of induction for 18 dedicated paramedics, patient transport officers, and paramedic interns. These newly trained professionals are now prepared to embark on their vital roles, serving communities across the Northern Territory, including Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Gove, and Darwin.

St John NT has recruited 47 operational staff so far this year which includes 18 from the latest intake, with two more inductions to come in 2023 that will train qualified paramedics, patient transport officers and intern paramedics.

The induction program at St John NT is designed to ensure that all new recruits are thoroughly prepared for the responsibilities and demands of their roles.

The journey begins with a comprehensive orientation, where the recruits are introduced to the organisation's mission, values, and operational procedures. They familiarise themselves with St John NT's history and its commitment to serving the community.

Extensive classroom sessions then cover medical theory, protocols, and best practices. These modules are led by experienced instructors and medical professionals who provide a strong foundation of knowledge.

Recruits undergo hands-on training in medical procedures, patient assessment, administering medications, and handling medical equipment. They practice these skills under the guidance of experienced mentors to ensure competence and confidence.

Emergency Driver Training may be a favourite amongst the inductees, a specialised training that focuses on safely transporting patients while providing comfort and support throughout the journey as well as emergency braking situations and safely driving at speed. They familiarised themselves with the specialised medical equipment and vehicles used for emergency response and patient transport, ensuring their ability to operate efficiently during critical moments.

The recruits underwent cultural sensitivity training to respect and understand the unique needs of the communities they will serve to recognise the diverse cultural landscape of the Northern Territory.

St John NT takes immense pride in the competence and dedication of its newest members, who are now ready to safeguard the health and well-being of Northern Territory residents. These skilled professionals are equipped to handle any challenges they may encounter while delivering exceptional medical care to those in need.

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