Driver First Aid

Driver First Aid is a free St John Ambulance Australia online awareness course, which aims to instil lifesaving first aid skills into young drivers and their passengers.

St John NT - Driver First Aid
St John NT - Driver First Aid

Every year on our roads around 1,200 Australians are killed
and 44,000 are seriously injured.

As a road user, you are most likely to come across a person in need of first aid as a passenger of a vehicle involved in an accident or as a passer-by.

Being one of the first people at the scene of an accident can be confronting. But did you know that there is a lot that you can do to help before emergency services arrive?

By knowing these simple first aid steps, you can assist those who may be injured, you could even save someone’s life.

Evidence shows that actions within the first three minutes can drastically reduce injury and preserve life.

Driver First Aid is a free interactive eLearning course aimed at providing lifesaving first aid skills for young drivers and their passengers.

The online course covers:

  1. An introduction to First Aid
  2. Basic Life Support – DRSABCD
  3. Wounds and bleeding

The course takes approximately 30–45 minutes to complete.

Participants will be issued with a certificate once they have completed the course.

Completing this course aims to improve basic first aid knowledge and provide Learner Drivers with the confidence to assist until professional medical help arrives.

It is not a formal first aid certification.

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