How to call 000 (Triple Zero)

dialling 000

If you have a medical emergency now please call 000 or 112 from mobiles and ask for AMBULANCE

People with hearing or speech impairment can contact triple zero by calling 106 (one, zero, six) through a TTY (teletypewriter) or a computer with modem. This is a text based emergency service.

When you dial 000, your call will be answered by a Telstra 000 operator who will ask you which service you require, Police, Fire or Ambulance. Ask for AMBULANCE and stay on the line. Your call will be transferred to the Ambulance call centre and the operator will ask you the following questions:

  • •  What is the exact location of the emergency? Street, cross reference or landmark.
  • •  What phone number you are calling from? In case your call is terminated or more info is required
  • •  What is the problem, tell me exactly what happened? Provide a brief description of the situation
  • •  How many people are hurt?
  • •  How old is the person?
  • •  Is the person conscious (awake)?
  • •  Is the person breathing?

DO NOT HANG UP. The call taker will ask further questions relating to the emergency, these answers will assist the paramedics. There are many reasons we ask these questions, which assist us to send the correct level of care and to prioritise all of the emergencies from the most life threatening (requiring lights and sirens) to non-emergency cases. If necessary, the call taker may give you advice over the phone to assist the patient prior to the ambulance arrival. Remain calm and speak clearly, do not shout and remain on the phone until the paramedics arrive and the call taker advises you to hang up.

Tips for calling 000:

  • •  If you are calling from a residence, state the unit/street number. Ensure that this number is visible from the street.
  • •  If you are in a hard to find location, try to meet the ambulance if possible.
  • •  If you live in a rural area or an area difficult to find, try and identify a landmark i.e the house with the blue gate
  • •  Remain calm, do not hang up the phone until advised to do so.
  • •  If possible, lock away any pets prior to the ambulance arrival.

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