Is Your Workplace First Aid Ready?

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Workplaces are expected to take a first aid risk assessment evaluation. Are you compliant?

St John has conducted research into 'First Aid Readiness in the Australian Workplace'. Click here to find out more about making sure you are compliant. Alternatively, you can find out about Workplace readiness or download the NT Worksafe - First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice.

Fast First Aid Tips

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St John Ambulance NT Cadets

First aid training comes in handy for a variety of different situations in life. Although many people receive this training strictly due to a job requirement, it is actually something can benefit anyone's life. Getting trained in first aid is much easier than many people think.

To show you how easy it is and to help get you started the St John Ambulance Cadets can help you out with some of their handy First Aid tips!

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