First Aid Saves Lives


First Aid Saves Lives

First Aid is a vital part of an effective emergency response. Each year, St John NT trains over 10,000 Territorians in the delivery of first aid. Despite this outstanding number, St John NT continues to receive a large volume of emergency calls received to attend road accidents from people without the correct skills to assist the accident victim.

One of the most common causes of death for road accident victims is a lack of oxygen supply, referred to as anoxia, caused by a blocked airway. On average, it takes less than four minutes for a blocked airway to be fatal. However, even in areas with highly structured emergency care, the average ambulance response to a road crash is ten minutes. Research shows that between 5% – 15% of road accident deaths can be prevented by administering basic first aid to the victim at the scene of the accident before the arrival of ambulance services.

First Aid and Road Accidents

It takes only 4 minutes for a road accident victim with no serious injuries to die from a blocked airway. It can take up to 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of an accident.

“First Aid - It Saves Lives on the Road”
Global Road Safety Partnership 2003

57% of deaths on the roads occur within a few minutes of the crash at the accident scene.

“First Aid in Action - 10”
European Reference Centre for First Aid Education

Only 1 in 20 people in the Territory currently have the first aid skills to save the life of a road accident victim.

St John Ambulance Australia NT Inc
Training Statistics 2011

Inexperienced and young drivers have approximately 3 times the rate of road crashes and fatalities of older drivers.

Novice Drivers DVD Booklet
Northern Territory Government 2008

First@Scene – First Aid for Learner Drivers

Introduction of first aid to learner drivers provides a critical link in the survival of road accident victims. As it is already mandatory in many European countries, St John NT believes that it is time to acknowledge this important issue by implementing this lifesaving program into the Northern Territory. It is our long term vision that all learner drivers in the Northern Territory are trained in first aid and know what to do in the event of a road accident.

First@Scene is a St John NT project initiative to reduce road accident deaths and serious injury. It is an online course where Territorians can access quality first aid awareness training and practical advice about attending to the scene of an accident. This project was developed due to the increasing concern by ambulance service professionals regarding the unnecessary loss of life at the scene of road accidents where first aid has not been administered.

Course material is presented in an interactive manner, where the student learns from both text and demonstrations. Students learn appropriate techniques and approaches to first aid skills and are provided opportunities to revise principles learnt throughout the course. Online presentation and all content is designed for participants aged between 16-18 years of age.

The training course and testing takes the student approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon successful completion of the training course, the student receives a certificate of completion from St John NT.

St John NT has a diverse and geographically broad reach throughout the Northern Territory with networks already established in remote and indigenous communities, secondary education and training providers and youth and volunteer movements. We aim to promote and deliver the First@Scene training course in both urban and remote regions of the Territory. Through the secondary education system of the Northern Territory, we aim to train approximately 2,000 students each year across the Territory.

First@Scene can be accessed at

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