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  12 Jul 2018

In Australia only one in 10 persons survives a cardiac arrest.

In a bid to increase survival rates, St John Ambulance NT’s new CPR Van aims to provide free CPR training to the public. 

The hands-on CPR demonstrations will give the Territorians of all age groups the skills and confidence to administer CPR and potentially save a life. 

St John Ambulance CEO, Judith Barker, said for many people the thought of performing CPR was daunting, but a bystander’s actions could mean the different between life and death.

“Every minute that a person if left without CPR their chances of survival reduce by seven to 10 per cent,” Ms Barker said.

“If the right treatment is given in the first three to five minutes, chances of survival increase from 6 per cent to 74 per cent.”

“Many people are scared to administer CPR to someone suffering a cardiac arrest because they are afraid they may cause further damage or injury. However, with the right training knowledge and training, we’re hoping that people will feel more confident about administering CPR.”

The St John Ambulance CPR Van - which is equipped with six CPR dummies and a screen that shows participants’ performance - will visit community events and schools all over the Northern Territory to teach skills and increase confidence to potentially save a life.

Partnering with HPA – Helping People Achieve, St John Ambulance will be launching the new CPR Van at 10am on July 14 at the Health and Wellness Festival at the Darwin Waterfront. 

Save a Life - Learn CPR

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