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EMPLOYEES: 4000km between volunteering but still going strong!
  16 Feb 2022

Nikki’s journey with St John began about 4000kms away, with St John WA.

“St John was present in the community where I was and it seemed like a good way to connect with people. I walked in and was like hey, sign me up! When I moved to Darwin I continued volunteering."

"I knew that if I was donating so much of my time, it was obviously something I really wanted to do but I was also thinking…imagine if I was getting paid for this!"

"I thought I might want to do my Diploma of Paramedical Science but volunteering was a good way to test the waters.

“I have also made a lot of friends through volunteering! The social part was part of the appeal for me, to get out of the house on the weekends and get backstage passes to events – I love that part of it because I didn’t do events in Perth. That’s the best part about volunteering in Darwin, you get such a mix of experiences.

“Volunteering and now working in Darwin, the smallness of the community makes it feel more like a family. In other states it’s very divided, like “you’re a volunteer, you’re an ambo, we don’t help each other”, whereas that totally does not happen here. We work together.

“I’m hoping to get into Paramedicine at CDU, and then I would be working casually as a patient transport officer and being a student – I don’t think there’s anything better than that!"

“My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering is to just pick up the phone and give St John NT a call! Whoever you talk to here, they’re just so friendly, they make you feel welcome."

“Whether you want to do something to help the community, just get outside, or if you want to do a degree like me, you can volunteer first to know what you’re in for!

Song of the week?

I’m blank at the moment because you’ve put me on the spot! I’ve gotta choose the right one because if I say it now I’ve rushed it – okay it’s Sunshine by Pink!”

Nikki currently works as a patient transport officer with St John NT.

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