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  25 Aug 2018

A 63-year-old motorbike rider is in hospital after a car reversed into the woman who was on her motorbike in the Nightcliff jetty car park at around lunchtime today.

In the care of St John Ambulance paramedics she was transported to RDH with a suspected broken leg.

The incident comes after a busy week for paramedics who were called to numerous crashes in recent days - including three on Friday alone. 

Just after 1pm one person suffered minor injuries in a two-vehicle collision in Parap when an international tourist side-swiped another car while merging into another lane. 

Only three hours later paramedics attended a single-vehicle crash in Lyons that left one person in hospital with minor injuries. 

Also on Friday, just before 5pm, St John Ambulance Triple-000 call takers dispatched a crew to a crash in Coconut Grove. 

On Wednesday paramedics, police and fire crews were tasked to the intersection of Roystonea Avenue and University Avenue in Palmerston who two cars had collided, leaving one person with neck pain post airbag deployment. 

And on Sunday a vehicle crashed into a power pole on MacMillans Road. 

St John Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Warren Purse urged drivers to take extra care on NT roads. 

“Most of the crashes we attended this week could have been avoided,” he said. 

“When our crews were tending to the patient in Parap yesterday, drivers were so busy rubbernecking that we nearly had to attend more crashes around us. 

“While we understand that the lifestyle in the Territory is quite relaxed, we cannot tolerate people getting hurt because motorists aren’t paying enough attention to what’s happening on the road. 

“People are getting hurt because drivers are on their phone, run red lights or don’t keep an eye on the traffic. 

“The road toll in the Northern Territory stands at 32, compared to 18 this time last year.

“That are 32 lives tragically cut short on our roads.

“When you get behind the wheel - remember that fatigue, drink and drug driving, speed and distracted driving can lead to serious crashes that put lives in danger,” Mr Purse said. 

“Don’t contribute to the road toll. Put your seatbelts on, pay attention and do the right thing on our roads.”

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