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Media Release: Community resilience - the first step in emergency response for all Territorians
  05 Apr 2023

Community resilience - the first step in emergency response for all Territorians

St John NT has launched a Community Resilience Package to assist community groups and sporting clubs who organise low risk events and community activities to be prepared in the instance of a medical emergency.

The package is designed to support event organisers to ensure that their events are suitably prepared to deal with the unexpected.

“While we appreciate that not all events require a first aid post, event organisers still want to be fully prepared for an emergency situation and our aim is to provide them with the tools and first aid skills to do just that,” said Acting Director of Volunteering, Event and Community Education, Tamara Wilcox.

“As an organisation committed to caring for all Territorians, we advocate for all members of our community to understand what to do in an emergency,” Ms Wilcox said.

“The Community Resilience Package aims to provide vital first aid knowledge and skills to event organisers, by providing free first aid training and equipment to low-risk events.

“Knowing that the immediate actions of a first responder can have a significant impact on the health outcome for the patient, is the first step we all have in taking responsibility for the wellbeing of those around us,” she said.

The Community Resilience Package includes:

  1. 1 risk assessment of the event and presentation to organising committee on how to be prepared for a medical emergency.
  2. 2 Provide First Aid fully accredited training courses
  3. 10% off any additional courses
  4. 1 First Aid kit

The Community Resilience Package, valued at approximately $500, caters to events that fall into the lowest risk category, however St John NT encourages all Territory organisations to ensure their members have the first aid skills and knowledge to act as a first responder in an emergency.

“Being prepared is the best way to make sure our community members are as safe as possible and we are excited to see the Community Resilience Package be taken up by event organisers in the coming months,” Ms Wilcox said.

In the last financial year, St John NT volunteers attended 638 events across the NT with registrations for 2023 exceeding this.  While St John NT is actively recruiting for more volunteers the Community Resilience Package will provide an alternative level of support for the events St John NT is unable to attend.

Event organisers can access the Community Resilience Package via the St John NT website

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