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FIRST AID: Staying snake safe in the dry season
  16 Mar 2022

The dry season is fast approaching, which means we are gearing up to go fishing, camping and experience some of the great events the Northern Territory has to offer. With the humidity dropping and skies clearing up, we aren’t the only ones eager to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Snakes play an essential role in our environment by keeping rat and mice populations at bay, but sometimes they venture into the vicinity of us humans and can get themselves into some sssticky situations.

To prepare yourself for the dry season and any possible visits from our slithery friends, here’s some DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to handling snakes:

 Stay calm: snakes are designed to kill prey, not humans.

Snakes are more scared of people and only strike out of fear. In fact, most snake bites occur when people try to capture or kill the snake themselves. Staying calm and removing children or pets from the area is the first step to managing a snake.

Maintain a safe distance and dial 1800 453 210 for removal or information on the snake.

Although some may find it entertaining dealing with a snake, letting a professional take the reins is the best option.

If bitten by a snake: Immediately STAY STILL and do not move.

Immobilise as best as possible – venom travels through muscle movement, so laying down minimises the spread of a venom allowing time for paramedics to arrive.

Apply a pressure bandage from the top to the bottom of the affected limb, keeping an even and consistent pressure while bandaging the limb. 

Prepare your property: Keep your yard clutter free.

Dark and warm places are more likely to attract snakes. Undertaking regular pest control and avoid tall growing grass will reduce the chances of snakes making your backyard their new home.

We share this land with many beautiful creatures and can sometimes feel threatened by them, but picking up the phone instead of the snake is always the best option.

For more information on snakes go to the NT Government website where you will find information on parks and wildlife for snake catchers.

First aid tips brought to you by St John NT first aid trainer trainee, Samantha Green.

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