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EMPLOYEES: From the Gold Coast to the Arafura Sea
  02 Mar 2022

Hailing from the Gold Coast, graduate paramedic Josh wanted to experience something outside his comfort zone. When he saw a job advertised with St John NT, he was eager to take up a new opportunity.

“The Northern Territory seemed like a new world, especially for a graduate paramedic like me, who has only been exposed to metropolitan work. I wanted to be involved, not just in the acute environments paramedics find themselves in, but to be present in the community.

“I knew St John NT has been embedded in the Northern Territory community for many years, and I wanted to use my tertiary education and knowledge in challenging yet rewarding environments.

"Paramedics in the NT get exposure and witness things you don’t get in any other service. I knew I would find immense value and experience due to the broad scope of practice and high complexity jobs.”

Not knowing what to expect before he moved, Josh has found that the Northern Territory provides a harmonic work/life balance.

“It’s exceeded my expectations, both for my career and the geographical location."

"Not only have I been able to work within a field I love, but it’s opened my eyes to a different way of living. Paramedics and healthcare professionals need to have a passion for their work and find time to enjoy their life, and the NT offers that. I have continually found myself eager and excited about coming to work and serving others while going out and doing things I enjoy outside of work, such as camping and exploring waterfalls.

“And on the clinical side, being a paramedic in the Territory is an ever-changing experience. You have to expect the unexpected and think outside the box. There are so many complex health conditions we see and presentations you would rarely see in another service, such as renal dialysis emergencies.”

For Josh, it’s the St John NT team that makes the Territory such a great place to work.

“St John NT is a smaller service compared to others, but in my experience, this is a positive thing. You get to know your colleagues, build rapport and genuinely feel part of a team. It’s never been more critical for morale that everyone looks out for each other, and I continually feel supported as an individual and in my professional learning.

“I love the team. From our communications team to our intensive care paramedics and duty managers, we all understand our role of serving the community and providing excellent pre-hospital care to all Territorians. With this common goal, you build trust within the community, knowing they can rely on St John NT in their time of need."

“I love working in the NT as you form friendships with your colleagues and do things together outside of work. The weather is beautiful and sometimes crazy, there’s always something to do outdoors – you can drive a few hours in any direction to see some amazing views.

“Coming to the NT has been the best decision I have made.”

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