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  20 Jul 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: Alice Springs Town Council making public safety a top priority

St John NT is helping the Alice Springs Town Council to make public safety a top priority. Thanks to a Northern Territory Government community benefit fund grant, five community sports clubs in Alice Springs have been chosen as locations of lifesaving automatic external …


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  24 Feb 2021
VOLUNTEERS: Pride in Community Education with Johannes Baluyot

“Definitely excitement, but also a sense of pride.” This is what goes through Johannes Baluyot’s mind before starting a volunteer shift. “When you put on the green uniform, you put on a sense of pride, respect and trust placed toward St …

  19 Feb 2021
VOLUNTEERS: Val Eaton, volunteer and Community Educator extraordinaire

“Teaching children to assist in an emergency situation is to empower them in what can be a very traumatic experience.” St John NT volunteer Val told us why she got involved with Community Education.  “If they know what to do because …

  18 Feb 2021
Media Release: St John NT appoints new Commissioner of Volunteers

St John NT has appointed Melissa Crompton as the new NT Commissioner of Volunteers, taking on a new leadership role and commitment to supporting the Northern Territory community. At 28 years of age, Melissa is the youngest Commissione…

  16 Feb 2021
VOLUNTEERS: Herding meerkats or Community Education? Tamara's story

“It’s like herding meerkats!” Tamara laughs “I’m kidding, the kids are great!” St John NT Community Education volunteer Tamara is adamant that it’s the green uniform that keeps the kids interested, but we reckon her passion and enthusiasm …

  15 Feb 2021
EMPLOYEES: Meet our Community Educator, Hayley Edge

When we think about critical things to learn at school, most of us would think reading, writing and arithmetic, but what about how to respond in an emergency? Sometimes the only person present in an emergency situation is a young …

  11 Feb 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: Community Education - helping kids save lives

Emergencies don’t happen at our convenience. Sometimes they happen when the only person present is a young child. If that child has the skills and confidence to help in an emergency situation, they could save a life. Children as young …

  09 Feb 2021
SERVICES: Did you know about our Mechanical Workshop? You do now!

Driving through the back streets of Winnellie can feel like you’re in a different part of the country. It’s not the lush green landscape that we’re used to – it’s stark, industrial, and you only go there if you know what you’re looking …

  29 Jan 2021
EMPLOYEES: New Year, new employees - welcome Lara and Inam

The New Year brought with it some new St John NT employees, Lara Palanga and Asiful, Inam. Lara comes to Training team in Administration from a varied background – from customer service at Sportsbet to Sales at Fernwood to Management …

  27 Jan 2021
CONGRATULATIONS: Cadet Anais Henry-Martin receives Young Citizen of the Year Award

Anais Henry-Martin’s list of extracurricular activities is beyond extensive. She has performed with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts Flyers, is involved in NT Music School Con Moto and Rock School, the Darwin Middle School BEAT Choir, on the …

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