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volunteer training


Operations Branch Training Nights

For Public First Aid Courses run by St John Ambulance Training Branch, go the Training section of the site. This web site has all the required information on the nationally accredited courses and how to access them.

To become a member of Operations Branch, you will complete Stages I & II of the national First Responder Accreditation  Program. This program includes eight competencies toward a Certificate III in Health Service Assistance (Client/Patient Services) which is recognized nationally.

As a member of Operations Branch, you are encouraged to develop your first aid skills by further training to obtain an Advanced First Aid Certificate incorporating a Skills Maintenance Programme.

Each year National Headquarters set a Skills Maintenance Program to be completed by members during the forthcoming year's training. Each member receives a manual containing information pertaining to the skills to be practised and updating details of particular techniques relating to those skills.

Each Division uses these skills as a basis for their training programme.


Courses available to Members of the Division

Training is available to members of the Division from the recruitment stage, up to and including an Advanced Diploma.

Courses are usually conducted within the framework of the weekly meeting, but extra training periods involving weekends may be required to reach the necessary level of achievement.

Re-assessment examinations are held within the branch, to confirm each member is maintaining his/her level of competence revising and keeping up to date. Known as the Skills Maintenance Program.

Members may qualify for entry into Ambulance Paramedic education and training courses.


Diploma of Health Science (Pre-Hospital Care)

This course is the basic Ambulance Paramedic training program for NT Ambulance Paramedics and is available to approved members of Operations Branch. Minimum medical standards and fitness capacity testing requirements apply.

Some members prefer not to be involved in ambulance courses/duties, but can still be of great service for St John in areas of First Aid, Proficiency Courses (for cadets) and public duties. Discuss these with your Superintendent.

Abilities/Expertise that members have, can in many cases contribute to the efficiency and well being of a division, eg typing, teaching, swimming/sport, management skill etc. A Skills & Interest form can be completed by you.


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In order to comply with Standard 1.8 of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards for the Continuing Registration of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), it is necessary to confirm the identification of all participants in accredited training to ensure that the person providing assessment evidence (the learner), is the person who is enrolled and is subsequently issued the Statement of Attainment/Qualification. Evidence that this process is in place must be available.

Please bring some form of photographic identification to your course.