Litchfield Station, 39 Vereker St, Humpty Doo NT

Every Tuesday at 5.00pm - 7:00pm


The Litchfield Rural Response Division (LRRD) is the newest division to be formed within the Northern Territory. The division is currently based at the Livingstone Reserve, approximately 45minutes out of Darwin, in the Litchfield Shire.

The Litchfield Shire has a population of approximately 18,000 people and covers an area of approximately 3,100 squared kilometres, starting at Gunn Point in the north, to Manton Dam in the south, Middle Arm in the west, to Middle Point in the east.

LRRD is a small division with plenty of scope to expand. While being a small but active group, LRRD attends many public duties within the Darwin, Palmerston and Rural areas, including working alongside sister divisions like Batchelor.

LRRD has been in operation for one-year and in that time has made a valuable and positive difference to the larger St John organisation. The group is highly visible at all major events within the Top End, and regularly participates in shared meetings with other divisions.

The group currently meets on a Tuesday evening at Litchfield Station from 5pm. Meetings usually run for approximately one and a half hours. Our training program is applicable to the needs and requirements of both the new volunteers as well as those that have been in the organisation for longer periods of time. We pride ourselves on being flexible to the needs of all members and this is shown in our training program and through our commitment to working both in the rural area, as well as in conjunction with service and other divisions.

Our long-term strategy is for continued growth and we are open to new rural members coming along and seeing what our group is all about. If you are interested in being a St John volunteer and potentially join the LRRD, please contact the St John Volunteer office on 08 8922 6205.




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