Parap Ambulance Centre, 57 Ross Smith Avenue, Parap, NT

Monday 7.00pm


Darwin Division was established in 1952 and is the oldest and longest continuously serving division of St John Ambulance Volunteers in the Northern Territory. We are a diverse group of people from everyday walks of life, ranging from long term Darwin residents to new immigrants. Everyone from chefs to engineers, legal secretaries and registered nurses make up the membership of the Division. Darwin Division holds training meetings on Monday evenings but also has additional training and logistical support activities that occur during the week and weekend.

Members of the Division are able to be seen at community and sporting events not only throughout the Darwin region, but all over the Northern Territory and even interstate. In 1974, members of Darwin Division were on duty and assisted in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy, despite some resources sustaining heavy damage. The members of the Division have assisted the ambulance service in major disasters such as the Bali bombing in 2002 and 2005, Ashmore Reef Boat Explosion in 2009 and the Victorian Bushfires in 2009 and multiple cyclone shelter activations for local Darwin residents and evacuees. In addition we have also provided support to the ambulance service by providing volunteer ambulance and non-emergency patient transport crew at peak demand periods such as Australia Day and New Year’s Eve over many years. Members of the Division also regularly keep their skills up to date and enhance them by volunteering their time with career ambulance crews throughout the Darwin region.

Training with nationally accredited first aid courses is offered and in addition to this additional qualifications in training, leadership and management, emergency driving, non-emergency driving and non-emergency patient transport. By volunteering with Darwin Division, skills such as training groups, administration logistics, major event operational planning and execution are able to be acquired.

We are always in need of enthusiastic and willing people, so if you are looking for a great opportunity to give back to the community in a number of different way whilst developing some great life saving and other skills and seeing the best of the Northern Territory has to offer, please enquire about joining Darwin Division today.


Darwin Cadets & Juniors

Casuarina Ambulance Centre, 50 Dripstone Road, Casuarina, NT

Friday 7.00pm to 9.30pm


Darwin Cadet Division is currently made up of about 40 members; juniors (aged 8-10) and cadets (aged 11-17) from all areas of Darwin. We are a very multi-culturally diverse group and are all about having fun whilst learning First Aid and other great skills, earning proficiency badges along the way.
Some of the other events Darwin cadets are invited to take part are:

  • Entering the NT’s annual cadet first aid competitions- the winning team wins a free trip to the national camp held each January around Australia;
  • Annual Divisional Camp,
  • Social Nights that include Beach volleyball, Games Night, Movies, bowling, Awake-A-thon’s.

We offer a ‘come and try’ basis to all cadets and juniors who are interested in seeing what we do, and if it turns out you like it- Membership is free*!! Our adult members have been with the Division since they were cadets, which make our division ‘one big family’!
We are currently in a shortage of fun, happy go lucky adult helpers (18+) so please drop by if this sounds like you!!

** Small fees may apply for some social nights to cover venue hire etc, camps, and the purchase of a divisional uniform.




PO BOX 40221
50 Dripstone Road Casuarina NT

Phone: (08) 8922 6200
Fax: (08) 8922 6259
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