St John Cadet and Junior Program

cadet and junior program


St John Cadets program is run across the Northern Territory.


JUNIORS (8 - 11 years)

St John Juniors (8 - 11 year olds) program emphasises community participation, helping others and having fun.

Benefits include:

  • Participation in the division
  • Observing at public duties
  • Basic first aid training

Junior Interest Badges and Awards
These are some of the available subjects that could be covered in their divisional training night.

  • Anzac Heritage
  • Caring for Animals
  • Casualty Simulation
  • Computer Studies
  • Child Care
  • Cookery & Nutrition
  • Eye Health
  • Cycling
  • Environment
  • Fire Safety
  • Health Care
  • Knowledge of the Order
  • Personal Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Sports

Juniors can receive awards which include:

  • Commissioners Badge – award after completing 9 Interest Badges
  • Grade Badges – these are awarded after the junior has completed a number of first aid skills
    • Grade 3
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 1



CADETS (12 - 17 years)

Being a St John Cadet provides young people with the opportunity to attend camps and social activities. Cadets are also able to gain practical life experiences and have the opportunity to go to Cadet friendly events and may receive National Awards based on participation in the organisation.

Some of the benefits for Cadets include;

  • Forming friendships with other young people of the same age group
  • Belong to an organisation that promotes youth leaders
  • Join in combined team efforts and activities
  • Give of time and effort to help other people
  • Gain first aid training for free
  • Experience a sense of achievement through personal success and community service
  • Accept responsibility to help younger members and share the work of the division
  • Learn useful skills and knowledge and promote good citizenship
  • Compete in First Aid competitions at a local and national level 

Skills Development

  • Collecting, analysing and organising information
  • Communicating ideas and information
  • Planning and organising activities
  • Working with others in teams
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • Solving problems
  • Using technology
  • Leadership
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing and adapting to change and using initiative

Cadet badges
Cadets train and complete a number of badges in a range of topics. Proficiency training to aquire badges is decided by Cadet leadership at each Division. Click here to see a few examples of badges.



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