Restocking Service

restocking service


Business customers in the major centres are encouraged to keep their First Aid kits up to date with our regular restocking service. St John can ensure your Workplace First Aid Kits are properly maintained and fully stocked, with our easy on road First Aid Restocking service. We come to you!


All proceeds from the sale of First Aid Equipment and Kits are used to support our Volunteers and their activities in the Community.


No Service Fee

If your restock schedule is within our recommendations (see below), there is no fee for us to provide the service, you only pay for what we put inside your kits.

Customers are registered on our database and receive a reminder on a regular basis that their kits are due for a check. One of our friendly team will come out to your premises and update all your first aid kits to ensure that all stock remains current into the next check period.

First Aid kits may also be delivered to any of our Sales Centres for restocking.


No Commission

Our sales consultants do not receive a commission on sales they make, so you only get the items you need in your first aid kit.


Quality Products

When St John Ambulance provide your restocking service, you can be assured that we only use Quality First Aid products with a minimum 12 month expiry period.


3, 6 or 12 Months

You let us know how often you want us to service your kits.


Restock schedule recommendation:

High Risk workplace 3 monthly
Medium Risk workplace 6 monthly
Low Risk workplace 12 monthly


Alternatively if you wish to restock the kit yourselves, please use the forms below and send them to your nearest sales office, details of which are to be found here. Our friendly staff will call you to confirm, discuss any other requirements you may have and arrange to have your order supplied.

Large Leisure - Contents re-order form
Medium Leisure - Contents re-order form 
Small Leisure - Contents re-order form 
Small Emergency Kit - Contents re-order form 
Personal Leisure Kit - Contents re-order form  
Outdoor Black & White Kit - Contents re-order form 
Bites and Stings - Contents re-order form 
Camping Safety Kit - Contents re-order form 
Car Safety Kit - Contents re-order form 
4WD Off Road Kit - Contents re-order form 
Workplace A Kit - Contents re-order form 
Workplace B Kit - Contents re-order form 
Workplace C Kit - Contents re-order form 
National Workplace Kits - Contents re-order form 
Workplace Vehicle Kit - Contents re-order form 

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