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"Kelly spent the whole day delivering fantastic first aid lessons to the kids. I saw all three of the lessons that were pitched appropriately to each cohort of multi-aged classes. The students often comment on things they learned from that day and we do revision activities and role-plays that I picked up from Kelly.

Thank you for these resources. I have been using the triplezero website for a couple of years and it’s great."

Darren Pittaway, Teaching Principal, Mataranka School


"It was a fantastic session. Two classes of grade 2/3 children were highly engaged thorough the entire 45 minutes. The language and pitch were levelled correctly. There was a good dynamic to the lesson and a mixture of listening and doing. Children were excited to learn new skills and our trainer consistently checked for comprehension with the students.

We all enjoyed our lesson and learnt some very important skills. Thank you."

Jimi (Wingfield) Stephens, Teacher, Maningrida College


"Thank you so much for your wonderful visit and session with our students. The children were very engaged with the lesson and learned a considerable mount about first aid. The section on how to respond to a snake bite was very informative and helpful for staff and students alike.

The lesson was conducted very professionally and you had an excellent rapport with our children. I am looking forward to your next visit with the ambulance. Staff and students are very grateful for your very productive visit"

Edwyn Graham, Principal Mutitjulu School


"My daughter Hannah goes to Bath Street Olsh and she attended your first aid class today. She gave me the rundown tonight and it sounds like she absorbed the whole thing. Well done, whatever you are doing to teach the class it's working a treat."

Craig, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College



"Thank you so much for coming to visit Teppa Hill Pre School on Thursday and Friday. We all thoroughly enjoyed your visit and the kids were highly engaged. I have emailed a couple of photos for you to use on your web page. Once again, thank you."

Team Teppa (Rosie, Sara and Nicole)


"Thank you so much for your fantastic talk with our preschool children, Regina. You really explained about the role you play in our Community, and at the appropriate age level for our group as the children were so engaged in what you taught them. The talk you gave on the teddy, the ice pack, and listening to the heart beat was great. The children were very interested to learn about the defib. and the recovery position. They absolutely loved going into the ambulance and learning about all the equipment on board. It was good to see the lights and as some of our children are scared of loud noises, it did not matter at all that the siren didn’t work! This information was great for role play in our ‘ambulance’ inside.Thank you so much Regina – next time we are doing a focus on hospitals and ambulances, we know who to call!"

Jenny Earls, Ida Standley Preschool


"In early October I attended Lachlan’s first aid course in ‘Providing First Aid in Remote Situations, in Alice Springs.

The training included some ‘crazy’ scenarios that had casualties with multiple injuries and illnesses. At the time I felt it was probably unlikely you would ever encounter someone who was going to require first aid let alone have so many factors to consider.

I felt quite overwhelmed by the course and did not feel confident that I would have a clue what to do if a situation was to ever arise.

Imagine my disbelief when only 48 hours after completing the course I found myself in a real life situation.

Whilst out on our mountain bikes my friend fell and put a stake into his arm sustaining a nasty gash. On top of this, the sight of the wound sent him into shock and I knew he suffered from a heart condition. We were in a place hard to reach and communication was poor. This was a scenario right out of Lachlan’s training manual minus, thank goodness, a snake bite.

Thanks to the training which was still fresh in my mind, I managed to keep us from further harm, administered first aid, contacted emergency services, provided reassurance and got help to him as quick as possible. I will certainly be recommending the course to others."

Sue Chambers


"As you are well aware I am the Coordinator of the Tjuwanpa Women Rangers. Part of our work-plan is that we have major interactions with the school children from the Hermannsburg, Wallace Rockhole and the Areyonga schools. The age groups that we interact with are from class one through to class 6 inclusive with different programs. One particular program that we provide is the School Kids Presentation Program that involves working on the subjects of Bullying, No Littering, Fire safety, Storm safety, Flood safety, snake bite and burns bandaging. It is the last two of these (snake and burns bandaging) where both our programs cross over. These two issues in themselves represent possibly 1. the majority of injuries and 2. with snake bite possibly the most dangerous for remote communities to deal with. We have been presenting these programs at Hermannsburg for nearly two years, Wallace Rockhole for 8 months and Areyonga 3 months. 

I have noticed that with the schools which you have attended with your courses of First Aid, the impact upon the students both from your personality and their ability to retain first aid procedures is absolutely outstanding. Your achievements are second to none, your interaction with the children has made delivering our courses to the children much easier and has greatly increased the children's ability to retain knowledge of the first aid that we are delivering. It is very obvious by all concerned (this includes the teachers that I have spoken to in relation to your First aid delivery) that you have a very unique ability to interact with the children and get the desired outcomes. Thank you very much for being part of our Communities on behalf of the Tjuwanpa Women Rangers and all the School kids, And I feel very confident that I can also say thank you on behalf of all the teachers as well. Please keep up the great work as the difference that you are making really counts.

Tjuwanpa Women Rangers


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"Hello, my name is Anais and I go to Stuart Park Primary School. I really enjoyed it when you came and taught us a lot about ambulances and told us that the driver in a ambulance is called a paramedic. Thank you very much for coming, it was my favourite thing of the day and now I know that if I need the ambulance I can call 000 (triple zero)."
Anais, Stuart Park Primary School


"I would like to thank you for your support by allowing your lovely Ladies to attend and instruct our Junior Police Rangers every year. We all understand as instructors how very important it is to obtain these skills and that they have lasting effects on our participants. Recently one of our seniors was in a position where she needed to assist a gentleman who was having a heart attack. She tells us that her quick and decisive actions in assisting the gentleman can only be attributed to the training she has had."
Junior Police Rangers


"The students really enjoyed the presentation. It was engaging and responsive to the students interests. Great presenter!"
Rosebery Middle School


"Great presenter! Age appropriate, clear, flexible presenter. Thank you!"
Nhulunbuy Christian College


"Well done - A great session. Kept kids involved with a mix of information and hands on."
Nhulunbuy Christian College


"Would love to see you back again"
Berry Springs Primary School


"Loved it! Especially showing the defibrillator, how to check a person on the ground. How to deal with a bleeding arm etc."
Nightcliff Primary


"Thank you very much!"
Bees Creek Primary


"You did such a great job with the lessons and the student's learnt heaps. I really appreciate the time you spent with our classes and look forward to doing similar lessons with my new lot of senior students next year."
Karen Wagland, Nemarluk School


"Fantastic news and a very important program to be delivering. We love a united team!"
Anne Goodman, Wanguri Primary School


"It was good to have a 'hands on' component at the end (movement). The kids loved bandaging each other."
Driver Primary School


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